I am so caught up in you.

In every way I am caught up in you.

Physically, mentally, emotionally.

We are connected and tied together.

Physically we become entangled, last night we were in bed, falling asleep wrapped up in one another, my legs were wrapped around yours, our fingers were intertwined. We were like one being. Sharing our all with each other.

Mentally you amaze me. I love talking to you, hearing your view on the world, your perspective on situations. Witnessing your intelligence. When we first met we talked for hours about anything and everything. You capture my attention always.

Emotionally I am so reliant on you. You support me and encourage me to challenge negatives emotions. You cause me to feel positive emotion and to recognise what I’m feeling and enjoy it.

I am so caught up in you, in every single way.

I love you.

I am so caught up in you.

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