Today I’m starting my day with green tea in a Harry Potter mug, this makes me happy.

I’m having toast too, but that’s boring compared to Harry Potter.

I wanted to give myself a happy start to the day because today I’m going to visit my sister in hospital.

She has been there on and off since before Christmas.

What started as a physical complaint has now become mental and the last time I saw her she said only 3 words to me.

So I’m prepared for today to be a challenge.

Just wanted to share my little moment of happiness 🙂


9 thoughts on “Morning!

      1. I’ve been to the studio tour place in the UK, have you been?
        I really want to go back, keep trying to convince my fiance to take me but he’s not a massive fan so he keeps delaying it.
        I’ve only been once and that was valentines day 2014, I went with 2 of my friends 🙂

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