What blogging means to me. 

I only started blogging this year. I hadn’t really tried it before and I wasn’t sure if a) I would like it, and b) I would be any good at it.

I decided to give it a try, my therapist had previously asked me if I’d considered speaking about mental health because she said she thought I had a good story to tell. I thought about it and decided I did want to share my story, but I wanted to do it anonymously, so I decided to try blogging.

I’ve only been going for a few weeks but I am really enjoying it.

I like reading other people’s posts and learning things about people and what they have been through. It gives me the chance to read stories that people wouldn’t normally tell, and to tell stories that I wouldn’t if people knew my identity. It let’s me speak about other people in my life without fear of people knowing who they are and casting judgement on them.

It let’s me learn things that I never knew and discover different coping mechanisms that can be used when you are recovering from a mental illness.

It let’s me see people at different stages in their journey and see that there is hope, and it let’s me reflect back on how far I have come.

I now love to write, I don’t know if I’m much good at it, but it helps me so much that I don’t mind if I’m not! 

When something happens now that I find mentally challenging I start to write a post in my mind, and then I can’t wait to sit down and share it with you.

It calms me down and lets me reflect on things before I react in the wrong way, and it gives my fiance a break because I’m not as emotionally dependant on him, I am learning to handle things by myself.

Blogging lets me interact with people I would probably never meet and it allows me to feel like part of a community full of people with lots of stories to tell.

Everyone here has something to share no matter what it’s about and we can support and help each other through things.

Everytime I write a post I wonder what people will think and if they will like it; when I see people liking and commenting on my posts it makes me happy that people are there to share these things with and that I have discovered another safe place where I can tell my story.

I didn’t expect to find it as useful as I am doing, but I am so glad that it is helping.

I hope you feel the same about writing and sharing; for me it is something I’m so glad I have found.

What blogging means to me. 

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