My monkey.

One of the techniques we work on in therapy is self soothing. I use this to avoid over eating.

I am meant to find a soother that is an alternative to food.

Sometimes it’s a cup of tea, sometimes is a long bath, sometimes it’s losing myself in favourite music.

My favourite self soother though is a hug.

Hugs are safe and warm and cosy. 

There isn’t always someone around that you can get a hug from though, that’s where my monkey comes in.

Monkey is a Christmas present from my fiance. He is my favourite Christmas present, and I can utilise him for my self soothing.

This is monkey.

He is just a large cuddly toy but he helps to soothe me.

He is cuddly and fluffy and he feels safe.

I can hug him, hold him, sleep next to him. It’s really useful when I’m home alone.

Last night my fiance was out so I went to bed next to my monkey, it comforted me enough to get me to sleep quickly.

I am glad I’ve found another self soother and that it isn’t harmful or dangerous to me.

Even better that it was a Christmas present from my fiance so major points to him for that!

I just find it really comforting and helpful to me, I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has any self soothing suggestions? Always useful to learn more ๐Ÿ™‚

My monkey.

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