The importance of breathing.

Breathing is important, we all know that, you have to breathe to survive.

It goes deeper than that though, everyone breathes but focusing on your breathing can do so much for you.

I’ve done a couple of yoga sessions and already I can see the effect that focusing on breathing has on me.

Today it made me feel so relaxed that I could have fallen asleep.

It completely calms me down and rids me of my worries and bad thoughts. It connects me to my inner self and is has a really positive impact on me.

Today one of the exercises we worked on was breathing in for 4 and out for 6 or more. It doesn’t come naturally and it took me a bit of work but once I managed it I was just completely focused on my breath and nothing else.

Breathing is good for your mind, it’s a good distraction, and we all need to do it.

How useful would it be to just utilise a tool we already have?

I would highly recommend yoga to anyone.

The importance of breathing.

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