The importance of making plans. 

I find I really struggle on my days off from work. 

If I don’t have plans I become really unmotivated and struggle to get out of my bed. I need something to get me out and into the world.

I don’t have a standard weekend, I work Wednesdays to Sundays so Mondays and Tuesdays are my days off and everyone else is at work.

On top of this all of my close friends live quite far away.

Luckily I have family thar are available sometimes but I don’t want to have to rely on other people all the time.

This week I am going to see my sister I’m hospital,  this isn’t a particularly good distraction for me as seeing her in the state she is in now is something that I struggle with but I know that I do need to go and see her. Tonight I am going to play netball which should be quite good as exercise is a bit of me time.

Tomorrow I have booked in to do pilates and yoga so this will be a great help in getting me up and out, although there is quite a big gap between the sessions and I don’t know how I will fill it.

When I was off sick things were far worse, I never had work as a distraction so every single day was me trying desperately to find something, anything, to do.

Things are definitely better now but I know I need to make a conscious effort to plan ahead to avoid having down days.

The importance of making plans. 

5 thoughts on “The importance of making plans. 

  1. I am 100% the same!I work as a waitress so have very random hours sometimes it’s 10:30am-11pm,sometimes 5pm-2am
    When I am not working during the day I too struggle to find motivation to get out of bed.Making a list of things to do can be helpfull even if it’s something like tale a shower,go to yoga just to get out of bed

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    1. I had netball tonight and its really picked me up, and I’ve got some classes tomorrow, just makes me happy knowing I’ve got something I need to do and makes me actually get out of bed aha
      I’m glad that people can relate and we can know it’s normal to feel this way
      Thanks for the advice on making lists, I’ll have to try it out 🙂

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