I rely a lot on love.

The love of my partner, the love of my family, the love of my friends, the love of strangers who appreciate the things that I have got to say.

Love encompasses so many things, it can be caring for someone and looking after them, it can be fierce and passionate, it can be gentle and warm; it takes so many forms.

I crave love, any love. I am weak and rely on it to make me feel worthy.

But we all deserve love, every single human being has loveable features, little quirks, individual features that make them who they are and someone will love that about them.

We should give more love, look out for you friends, your family, your neighbours, strangers in the street. Smile at someone and make their day, give someone something they need, it doesn’t have to cost anything but it can mean the world to someone.

Love has so much power and we can all wield it, share it with someone.

I love to be loved but I also want to give love to the world and watch how my contribution can give someone something that they need.

I want to spread love and make more people happy.

If we all gave a little more love we could achieve so much.

I love love.


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