Compassionate letter #1

Dear Friend,

So today you went for a wedding dress fitting, how exciting. However, your dress was a bit tight. You’ve gained weight and this bothers you. A few people have commented on this fact and you are feeling down about it.

Well don’t.

Everyone gains weight, especially over Christmas, and you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

Your fiance still loves you and wants to marry you regardless, and let’s be honest, the dress fits, it’s just a bit tight.

You are a lovely person and your weight does not define you, the great things you do are what you should think about when you are full of self doubt and lacking in self confidence.

Your therapist has told you that after Christmas your weight will stabilise again and you will lose those few extra pounds that you have gained.

Don’t beat yourself up over this, it is a minor thing and most people won’t even notice that little bit of Christmas weight.

Always here for you, with love,

Your compassionate friend.

Compassionate letter #1

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